“NILLY gives student-athletes options that I wish I had.”

Kendrick Perkins

NILLY Co-Founder + Brand Ambassador

Kendrick Perkins

NILLY Co-Founder +
Brand Ambassador

NILLY License Payments are designed to enable, empower and enrich student-athletes.



Student-athletes who want to tap into their NIL value today are given upfront license payments by NILLY.



Partnering with NILLY provides student-athletes with financial education and wellness resources, as well as introductions to financial advisors who can help them invest and plan for the future.



Athletes get immediate access to funds that they can use for their specific needs, as well as access to additional NIL earnings.

How to Get


If you are a student-athlete interested in getting a NILLY License Payment, our process is simple and straightforward.


You Apply

Complete the student-athlete profile form to provide details about your current school, sport, academic year, position and social media presence.


NILLY Evaluates

Based on the information that you provide, NILLY will use its proprietary methodology to determine your potential future NIL earnings and we can provide you with an upfront NIL License Payment offer.


You Review and Accept (or Reject) Your Offer

Based on NILLY’s analysis, approved student-athletes will receive an offer containing the details of the upfront payment and the ongoing NIL earnings share percentage. You are not obligated to accept the offer, but if you decide to do so, you will receive a portion of your upfront payment within 10 days.

Designed by athletes, for athletes

NILLY’s co-founder, NBA great and ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins, co-created NILLY to provide opportunities for you to more quickly benefit from your name, image and likeness in a way that he and many others didn’t have.

Protection against the unknown

Life happens. If you get injured or stop earning NIL income for any reason, you do not owe anything to NILLY, and you keep your License Payments.

Greater negotiating power for the student-athlete

Having access to NIL money that is not tied to any particular team gives you choices. NILLY is school agnostic, meaning that if you decide to change schools, your NILLY deal does not change.

Financial Flexibility

Following the initial payment, you will get 75% to 100% of all future NIL amounts earned, however much that may be. Unlike other options that are uncapped, the amount you share with NILLY will never exceed the agreed-upon cap (typically 2.5 times your initial payment).


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We’ve partnered with top industry organizations and service providers including Basepath to make the process as fast and easy as possible.